Chicago | July 18, 2014 9:00 am

Mappy Hour

By The Editors

So it’s Friday. Weather-wise … it’s been a refreshing week. May we never utter “July” and “polar vortex” in the same sentence again.

By happy hour, we’ll be back to normal summer temps. You, sir, will need a rooftop upon which to drink.

The question is which one. And where.

What you need, intrepid pursuer of lofty beverages, is a map.

So, here it is:

Chicago Rooftop Bars: The Official InsideHook Guide, a compendium of the rooftops most suited for whatever you’re imbibing. You’re welcome.

Got a date? We’ve got spots for romance. Wanna drink in the company of skyscrapers? Grab your sunnies. Looking to let loose with a little evening untz? You’re covered.

And for added color, we’ve included a few savvy drinker hashtags for each — take heed.

All thoroughly clickable, so you can keep it to-hand and let it guide you like a spirituous North Star all summer long.