The Corn Identity

It’s said that the family that plays together, stays together.

Yes, if by plays together you mean opens a micro-distillery. And if by stays together you mean gets all of us three sheets to the Chicago wind.

You’re hereby invited to tipple at Chicago Distilling Company, the city’s newest microdistillery and bar, founded by two brothers and now open in boozily gentrified Logan Square.

The gussied-up result of years spent bootlegging R&D in the sooty confines of a car garage, CDC is offering two unique spirits: a white whiskey made from 100% Illinois corn and an 80-proof vodka.

Both are smooth and palatable, with clean, soft finishes that leave the burn in the mash.

Drinks on the menu are no-frills but delicious. If you want to go off-menu, ask for the Shorty’s Old Fashioned, CDC’s white whiskey riff on the classic.

In addition to buying bottles on-site, CDC hosts tours and cocktail classes and offers a full selection of bar stuffs. Think block ice-cube molds, bar tools and housemade bitters and syrups.

So if you can’t stay and play, you can always make top-notch drinks at home. Cheers.