Chicago | July 10, 2014 9:00 am

Get Campy

By The Editors

Women actually like camping. They just don’t like camping with a man who’s unprepared. So be prepared, Chicago. Like this …

1. The Tent
Get back to basics this summer with the Scout Single Pole Tent. All-canvas, austere and simply pitched with an antique hickory pole. You’ll probably want a comfy sleeping bag, too.

2. The Stove
When it comes to cooking campside, it’s hard to beat the portable EcoZoom Dura Stove. It’s got a three-pronged cast-iron top. All you’ve gotta do is load it up with wood. Cop this cast-iron skillet and you’re all set.


3. The Knife
Option 1: the classic Boy Scout knife. Didn’t fail you then, won’t fail you now. Option 2: a trusty Opinel #8. Stainless steel blade and sizable handle for secure grip. Option 3: the Gerber Paraframe, a serrated blade with a more tactical edge.

4. The Shower
Shower? Yes, the shower. When you’re out in the wilderness, the Pocket Shower will allow you to take a hot shower in the open air. It’s super portable and holds more than 2 gallons of water. That’s about seven minutes of shower time.

5. The Boots
A man’s gotta have proper footing, and that’s the Camp Boot from Oak Street Bootmakers. Cut from Horween leather and featuring a heavy-duty Vibram sole, it can answer any call of the wild. Also necessary: proper camp socks.

6. The Camp Stool
Keep it relaxed with Filson’s Chelan Camp Stool. This compact stool folds flat and is made from kiln-dried, ashed wood. Holds up to 300 lbs. Sturdy as it is handsome. Perfect for sittin’ by the fire.

7. The Survival Kit
If shit hits the fan, you’ll be glad you got this SOLKOA survival kit from Best Made. From a fishing kit to a compass to an emergency orange blanket and antibiotic ointment, the kit’s got a lot of lifesaving tools.