When it comes to change, Chicagoans can be a stubborn bunch.

It’s Marshall Field’s; not Macy’s. U.S. Cellular is Comiskey. And the Willis Tower? Try Sears, bub.

But change can be good. Exhibit A: Boka, the beloved fine dining spot in Lincoln Park, is revamped, reopened and taking reservations now.

Jumpstarting Boka’s new menu is Lee Wolen, the toque who brought the Peninsula Hotel’s The Lobby its first Michelin star. His cuisine: ambitious, regional and approachable.

Gone is the airy dining room with sails draped across the ceiling, now replaced with mossy brick, wood and dark leather interiors.

It’s still intimate, but a casual, a la carte affair now. Perfect for small groups; even better for dates.

As for your eats? We asked chef for some favorites — as well as the appropriate cocktails to pair.

The Dish: Broccoli salad with preserved lemon and fresh parm
The Drink: The classic Bee’s Knees  … “The citrus and honey work well with the familiar flavors.”

The Dish: The crispy-coated foie gras terrine
The Drink: “After Taxes … the cranberry and bitter orange in the cocktail play to the blood orange component of the dish.”

The Dish: Slow-cooked beef short rib with celery root and Swiss chard
The Drink: The slightly bitter “Cold Shoulder,” which “mirrors the tannic grip of a full red wine.”

Time to embrace change.

Interior Photos Credit: Eric Kleinberg