The Bangtel Buying Guide to a More Interesting Home
By The Editors / January 8, 2016 9:00 am

Home, they say, is where the heart is, the pants aren’t and the WiFi connects.

Addendum: It’s also your only escape from the lakefront chill for the next four months — so it best be cozy, cordial and handsome.

To that end, we hooked up with the tastemakers at Bangtel for a few things to help spruce up these here winter doldrums.


“The hell’s a Bangtel?” you ask. Good question.

They’re the indie design and home rental group quietly shaking up Chicago’s hospitality game one neighborhood at a time. 

They host lovely properties all over the city — from Humboldt Park to the Gold Coast — some brief stay, some long stay, all playfully appointed with blue-chip amenities and a 24/7 concierge service

Your out-of-town pals? Shack ’em up here.

The lady-in-charge: seasoned stylist and design wiz Liz Klafeta. Her style: Eclectic. Eccentric. Sophisticated. One-of-a-kind.

Below, a few ideas form Klafeta and her merry band of designers on how to elevate your homestead this season.

See ya in the spring.

Gramovox Bluetooth Speaker
We’ve extolled the virtues of Gramovox’s Vertical Turntable here before, and the local audiophile company’s Bluetooth grammaphone speaker is no different. Nostalgic. Handsome. A real conversation-starter. It’s Klafeta’s go-to for sound.


Joe Reich Art
Chicago-based artist Joe Reich’s large-format abstracts will add lively interest to any space. Precarious, maybe, but when it comes to fine art, a few risks are good. You’ll find the painting pictured above at our favorite Bangtel spot: Mr. Clark’s Penthouse. In fact, much of the art you’ll find at Bangtel’s properties are available for purchase.


MIB Lounge Chair
A mod classic. This glossy fiberglass shell swivel chair is most definitely a statement piece. Good for: Reading. Relaxing. Exacting envy from friends.


Custom Neon Lighting
Bangtel loves neon. So much so they got their own “neon guy.” You can hit him up for a custom job; say anything — they’ll light it up.


CB2 Lighting
Never underestimate the power of good lighting. Klafeta drops into CB2 for all her needs. Favorites include the Capital Pendant lightthe moody ambient Soneca Pendent Light and the industrial Vessel Pendant Light. Don’t be afraid to mix and match.


Helmut Newton: Polaroids 
The most underrated centerpiece of a home: the coffee table. A thoughtful coffee table book tells your guests just what kinda’ guy you are. Bangtel’s pick: a collection of test polaroids from legendary German photographer Helmut Newton


Editor’s note: Want more reading material? Check out our favorite coffee table books from 2015.

FLOR Area Rugs
According to Klafeta, FLOR is “low-maintainence for any dude.” And it’s true. The rug-buying game can be a racket, and FLOR makes it easy by allowing you to purchase by the tile. Fully modular. And always a choice selection.