This Lock-Picking Pro Wants to Give You All His Secrets

They say in order to catch a thief, a man must think like one.

And what’s Thievery 101 without some good ol’ fashioned lock-picking?

That’s what’s on order later this month at The Art of Lockpicking, a cocktail-fueled crash course on the art of open sesame, tickets on sale right now.

You guide: Schuyler Towne, a security anthropologist and world-class competitive lock-picker and pioneer of American Locksport (yes, unauthorized entry is now a sport).

Towne also co-founded The Open Organization Of Lockpickers’ U.S. chapter, raised $90 grand for lock-picking tools on Kickstarter and is the guy the Museum of Science and Industry seeks out to uncover the history of their lost lock collection.

Needless to say, the man’s got locks on lock.

The Art of LockpickingAtlas Obscura brings you a night of live music, lock-picking and 19th century splendor1:12

And he’s gonna show you the tools and techniques you need to pick those locks. You know: in case you, uh, leave your keys at work.

It all goes down in September at Stan Mansion. Also on tap: live jazz, an open cocktail bar and 19th century decor.

An $80 early bird ticket will get you in the door.

As for getting out of it? You figure it out.