Pappy & Company Is Hosting a Sale on Bourbon-Themed Home Goods

Grab some cigars, whiskey glassware and barrel-aged maple syrup at a discount when you buy in bundles

Pappy & Company syrup and hot sauce, now on sale

By Kirk Miller

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Let’s be honest: The only thing related to Pappy you can afford is…not whiskey.

Pappy & Company is a whiskey-fueled lifestyle brand started in 2013 that crafts bourbon-inspired products, from barrel-aged pantry staples to small-batch cigars to assorted home goods. And right now, the company is offering discounts if you bundle these spirits-adjacent products together.

The good news is that these bundles are built for the serious whiskey fan. For example, a tasting glass and a cigar is one kit, while an Old Fashioned theme (cherries, Old Fashioned mix) is another. That said, if you actually have a bottle of Pappy, do not mix it in a cocktail.

Pappy & Company bundle
Pappy & Company

The most interesting pairing? The “Smoky, Sweet, Heat” bundle, featuring bourbon barrel stave “smoking chunks,” a barrel-aged pepper sauce and the excellent barrel-aged maple syrup.