Books | September 28, 2016 6:24 am

How Sean Penn’s New Book Project Came Together

Two-time Oscar winner Sean Penn is one of the great American actors of the modern era. Throughout his career, he’s also been somewhat of a lightning rod for controversy—most recently, with the fallout from his journalistic work on Mexican drug lord El Chapo (read about the woman who set up their interview here). Because of this, Penn rarely makes late-night television appearances.

So Stephen Colbert pulled off a bit of a coup on The Late Show last night, landing Penn as a guest the night after Colbert’s live presidential debate show. But Penn wasn’t on to talk about his latest run as an experiential journalist or to plug a new movie: He was there to discuss a new audiobook that he narrated called Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff (available for free download here).

Penn tells the unlikely, Hunter S. Thompson–esque tale of how the book project came together below.