These Earphones “Learn” How You Listen and Adjust Accordingly

Smart earbuds with active noise cancellation, now 30% off during preorders

The Nuraloop "hears" what your ear is doing and adjusts to your profile (Nuraphone)
By Kirk Miller / May 15, 2019 11:40 am

If you want to shape the world to your liking, start with sound.

Nuraloop, new from Nuraphone, are the “world’s first earphones to learn and adapt your hearing.” The wireless buds use a Personalized Sound technology to “learn” how you hear and adapts accordingly. During a 60-second test, the earbuds play a range of tones in your ear and measures the very faint sound the cochlea generates in response to those tones — which is called Otoacoustic Emission (OAE), if you’re interested.

Do this once, and you’ll have your own sound profile. This is slightly different than what a company like EVEN does, which uses a self-administered hearing test to create its hearing blueprint. And it’s a winning technology — the company won a “Best of Innovation” Award at CES last year, and the Wall Street Journal raved about the tech, claiming it was “the sonic equivalent of transitioning from black and white to Technicolor.”

The Nuraloop also allows you to control the noise levels of the outside world — “Social Mode” lets in your environment, or you can shut it out completely with active noise cancellation or pick a level in-between via an embedded, adjustable TouchDial.

Hearing preferences aside, the Nuraloop features a whopping 16+ hour battery life without a charging case, and just a 10-minute charge will grab you two hours of listening time. The sweat-resistant ”˜loop also comes with a detachable analog cable for times when you need to be plugged in (like on a plane).

Preorders for the Nuraloop are available now at 30% off, with shipping in September.

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