Audio | October 21, 2019 10:32 am

A True Wireless Earphone for Any Situation

Master & Dynamic’s high-end earphones are as durable as they are beautiful

A True Wireless Earphone for Any Situation

We’ve all gone through the rigamarole of buying cheap earbuds that look terrible, sound even worse and then immediately stop working the second we dare allow even a single bead of sweat to come into contact with them. But for people who take their music-listening seriously, there comes a time when things like design, durability and, above all, performance, take precedence.

Master & Dynamic, makers of high-quality audio products that are unmistakably modern but distinctly timeless, offer two different pairs of true wireless earphones, at least one of which will perfectly fit the needs of any discerning user, checking off a wide range of boxes.

Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus earphones

The MW07 PLUS is the brand’s most advanced true wireless offering, suitable for those in search of an experience that looks, feels and sounds luxurious. They’re constructed with handcrafted acetate and hand-polished stainless steel, and they boast custom 10mm Beryllium drivers that provide unparalleled sound quality. They also feature noise-cancelling capabilities and a special Ambient Listening Mode that allows you to be aware of your surroundings. Available in Steel Blue, White Marble, Black Quartz and Tortoiseshell, the MW07 PLUS is a perfect option for those of us who are equally obsessed with sound and design.

Master & Dynamic MW07 GO earphones

For people who aren’t willing to skimp on those qualities but are also looking for a pair of earphones that’ll withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures and exercise, most notably sweat and rain, the MW07 GO is worth a look (and a listen, of course). Putting to use those very same 10mm Beryllium drivers, they deliver every bit of the stellar sound you’d expect from Master & Dynamic, but they pack a little extra when it comes to durability. The earphones themselves are made with a TR90 composite, the same material commonly used in high-end sports sunglasses, and they feature industry-leading IPX6 water-resistance. They come in four very sleek colors: Flame Red, Electric Blue, Jet Black and Stone Grey.

Both models feature state-of-the-art Bluetooth technology, impressive battery life and an array of fit options. So when you’re ready to make the jump to a pair of earphones you can expect to enjoy for years to come, you know where to look. And we think you’re ready.

Product images provided by Master & Dynamic