Audio | January 3, 2020 11:49 am

Deal: These Wireless Workout Headphones Are at the Lowest Price Ever

Cut the cords from your gym routine

Jaybird Run XT True Wireless Headphones
Jaybird's second-generation all-terrain wireless earbuds are on sale on Amazon for the lowest price we've seen.

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AirPods were a revelation. The sound and connectivity were great, to be sure. But not having a cord running from your ears to your phone or music player of choice? Not having a cord bouncing around while running? Not getting the cord caught on dumbbells and workout machines at the gym? That changed everything.

The problem? You should not, under any circumstances, wear AirPods when you exercise. They’re just not designed to handle that much sweat, grime and abuse. However, the Jaybird Run XT True Wireless Headphones were designed for that express purpose. And not only are they cheaper than AirPods, they’re $74 off right now, the lowest price we’ve ever seen on Amazon.

What do you get with Jaybird’s second generation all-terrain wireless earbuds? Fully waterproof construction! (None of this “water-resistant” crap.) Four hours of playtime! (Plus one hour of fast charging in five minutes if you forgot to charge them overnight.) A variety of silicone ear tips and fins to give you the perfect fit! (No embarrassing earbud malfunctions here.) 

Plus, because it’s Amazon, there’s free shipping. So you can incorporate these into your New Year’s routine ASAP.