Audio | December 11, 2019 2:18 pm

Deal: House of Marley Offers 25% Off Eco-Friendly Audio Gear

Headphones, speakers and record players with a handsome bamboo finish

House of Marley
Audio gear built from sustainable materials, now on sale
House of Marley

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It’s no longer an issue finding quality headphones, even on a tight budget. 

You can grab a perfectly nice pair from, say, Anker or Status Audio for $50-$100. So when you do want to “upgrade,” you’re really looking for something more than just a (moderately) improved sound — perhaps it’s a design element or a unique audio feature (like Bose’s AR sound).

This is where you might want to consider House of Marley. A collaboration with the Marley family, HOM crafts headphones, speakers and turntables out of sustainable materials (bamboo, recyclable aluminum and silicone, wood composite, etc.) and uses some of its profits to fund One Tree Planted, a non-profit that supports global reforestation. 

We like the bamboo: it adds a warmer, more natural look to some of the home speakers and vinyl players. Otherwise, you’d be hard-pressed to notice much of a difference between a House of Marley product and gear from any other high-end audio company. 

In other words, they make good stuff that sounds really nice without being pushy about it. And through December 17th, the House of Marley site is offering 25% off with the code MarleyHoliday25, plus free shipping on orders over $30. 

A few standout items:

Liberate Air Earbuds

Liberate Air

These wireless earbuds are sweatproof, weather-resistant and crafted from bamboo and other recycled materials. 

Exodus ANC

Exodus ANC

Your over-ear option, a sleek stainless steel and stained wood mix that offers up to 28 hours of active noise-canceling listening. Comfy, too. 

House of Marley No Bounds

No Bounds

A colorful, buoyant, waterproof Bluetooth speaker, now under 50 bucks.

Stir It Up Wireless turntable

Stir it Up Wireless 

If you need a decent starter turntable, this wireless bamboo unit is a handsome option.