Audio | March 22, 2021 11:13 am

Deal: Not Into AirPods? Google Pixel Buds Might Be Your Best Option.

Multiple colors of Google's well-reviewed earbuds are down to $159

Google Pixel Buds outside of their charging case
Google's Pixel Buds Gen 2 are currently on sale at B&H

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Not an Apple fan? More accustomed to the Android/Google realm? Want earbuds that pop a little differently?

You, my friend, want the Google Pixel Buds Gen 2. And they’re on sale and tied for their lowest price ever right now at $159.

While not everyone digs the design behind Google’s circular buds, we kinda love ’em. And with four different colors to choose from, they present an interesting aesthetic alternative to the ubiquitous Apple white.

A woman wearing the mint green Google Pixel Buds
There are four different colors of the Google Pixel Buds

And the Gen 2 version is really well liked! They offer adaptive sound technology, so your listening will adjust based off your noisy (or quiet) environment. With the charging case, you’ll get 24 hours of listening, and their water- and sweat-resistant design means you don’t have to be too precious with them.

The sale on Google’s Pixel Buds Gen 2 at B&H runs through March 25.