Deal: Beats Solo3 Headphones Are at a New Low Price on Amazon

It's just $159 for these ideal over-ear cans

Beats Solo3
The Beats Solo3 headphones are currently $159 at Amazon
By Kirk Miller / May 28, 2020 11:49 am

When given a choice, I’ve been gravitating back to over-ear headphones. The sound tends to be better than earbuds, and there’s an oddly comforting feel about putting on something that envelops my ear (and unlike earbuds, it gives off the social cue that “I’m in my own world, go away,” which doesn’t work so well while WFH but whatever, thinking toward the future).

Long story short: The Beats Solo3 headphones are pretty much what you need in an affordable pair of wireless over-ear cans, and now they’re at an Amazon low price of $159.

The Solo3 offers a battery life of 40 hours, a Apple W1 chip that allows seamless integration with other Apple products and “Fast Fuel” charging which can power up your headset for three hours in as little as five minutes. Plus, it sounds great and the cushioned ear pads make this an ideal all-day wear.

Note that this price point only applies to the red or black models (a silver one is $20 more and the more vibrant options are still under $200).

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