Deal: Forget AirPods, Because These All-Black Alternatives Are Just $50

Anker’s Liberty Air earbuds offer a sleek rebuke to Apple’s pricing

Anker Liberty Air
By Kirk Miller / December 17, 2019 1:17 pm

Now that we’re over the initial stigma and fear that they’ll pop out at any moment, we can appreciate Apple’s AirPods.

Great sound, interesting look and … a stomach-churning price tag.

If you like the style of AirPods and can put up with a slight reduction in quality, The Liberty Air earphones from Anker are a worthy alternative.


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The Liberty Airs look a lot like AirPods, but they’re listed at about half the price. And besides the white, they also come in a cool, jet-black edition. Specs are nice, too: Bluetooth 5, a 20-hour battery life, noise-canceling microphones, etc.


Now, you can get these sleek ‘buds for even cheaper at just $50 (down from $80) when you clip the coupon the product page at Amazon. The sale runs through December 22nd.

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