Arts & Entertainment | December 6, 2016 9:00 am

Chameleon Car With 41,999 LEDs Is Literally Lit

You party? Lexus parties.

Do not panic.

Do not adjust your monitor.

Do not check your coffee cup for unidentified substances.

Because this is a real, live car. No post-production or CGI involved.

True life, Lexus’s LIT IS sedan, is the company’s one-of-a-kind creation, embedded with 5,280 feet of wire and 41,999 programmable LEDs that morph the ride into a full-on phantasmic display of moving pictures. The color changes, the design changes and it can even be programmed to broadcast animations.

A collaboration with Vevo, the LIT IS made its debut in the new music video for Dua Lipa’s “Be The One.” Appropriate, seeing as how not only can one adjust the design — but it also seamlessly responds to and interacts with music. Audio becomes visual becomes “Damn, that’s dope” when the LEDs sync to whatever song is playing on the ride’s stereo.

And, of course, Lexus has hinted that this four-wheeled, rave-tastic Lite Brite might actually become an option, but with no official evidence to suppport that as of yet.

via Lexus