World’s Most Enterprising Eight-Year-Old Opens Bakery to Help Single Mom
By Diane Rommel / September 16, 2016 9:00 am

We don’t want to exaggerate but it’s possible that Jalen Bailey is the living embodiment of the American Dream. 

OK, so that’s a big title for an eight-year-old kid. Here’s the evidence: Jalen loves to bake. So he decided to use that talent to support his goal: buying a KitchenAid mixer. 

But someone (probably a socialist) gave him one before he could. 

Instead of sitting back on his laurels like a commie, Bailey aimed higher: he decided to help his mom move out of their “small Fresno apartment” and into a house of their own. 

Jalen’s mom, Sharhonda Bailey, said she had that plan under control. But Jalen wouldn’t be put off from his goal, and soon debuted Jalen’s Bakery, which a local media report dubbed a “full-service confectionary” focusing on his mainstays of white chocolate chip cookies, banana bread and peanut butter cookies. 

We recommend the concomitant Go Fund Me effort; Jalen hopes to add a mail-order service with the monies raised. 

In a season of Turd Sandwiches and Giant Douches, we’re happy for an example of hard work, industriousness and whatever cash you can make with cookies.