Arts & Entertainment | July 7, 2016 9:00 am

Margot Robbie Wants to Teach You How to Speak Australian

Suicide Squad actress defines 50 slang terms in four minutes

How would we describe Margot Robbie defining four dozen Australian slang terms in under four minutes?

Fair dinkum.

The new video from Vanity Fair serves as a charming counterweight to the magazine’s rather awful new cover story on the Aussie actress, who’s currently making PR rounds for The Legend of Tarzan and Suicide Squad.

Of the 50, only four terms stump the actress: “doovalacky” (akin to thingamajig), “dog’s eye” (meat pie), “reg grundies” (undies) and “come a guster” (bad accident). But otherwise, it’s a ripper of a video. And a fun way to pass four minutes, especially if you’re sitting on a dunny.

As Margot says, “For everyone not Aussie, I hope you learned something.” We did, and it’s important: In Australia, a fanny isn’t a butt.

“Fanny is your front bum.”