Arts & Entertainment | November 30, 2016 9:00 am

Rejoice: You Can Now Watch Netflix Without an Internet Connection

You're about to wish you had a longer commute

As someone who was just subjected to a certain airline’s tyrannical “every movie is $5.99, even Batman v Superman” entertainment “option,” I have good news.

Netflix is going offline.

Not out of biz — rather, the streaming site will now allow users to save content on their devices for later viewing. A long, ahem, in-demand feature, the new option lets iOS or Android users to download “select TV shows and movies” to their smartphone and tablet for times when an Internet connection isn’t available.

Caveat: not all titles are available, and the company is emphasizing original content (you’ll want to select “Available for Download” from the Netflix menu to see what you can view offline). But you can pick the quality of download, if memory is at a premium.

Meanwhile, if you’re online and looking to get the most out of your streaming, check out our guide to 13 must-know Netflix hacks.