Katy Perry Is Going Full ‘Truman Show’ on YouTube This Weekend
By Alex Lauer / June 9, 2017 9:00 am

This morning, our office took an informal poll and the consensus was: Katy Perry has the jams, but has been making questionable artistic choices as of late.

To promote her new album Witness, she has now bathed in a broth hot tub, recruited a viral teenage dancer for a cringe-worthy SNL performance and now reached the pièce de résistance: live-streaming herself for the entire weekend.

From now until Monday, you can watch Hot N Cold Queen herself at all hours of the day, from multiple angles, via the video above. As of the time of publication, she has been at it for 16 hours, most of which she spent sleeping.

Is it a desperate attempt to overshadow “Taylor Swift finally putting her music on streaming services,” as Spin writes? To be quite honest, celebrity feuds aren’t worth anyone’s time. But if you’re wondering if this stream is worth any of your time this weekend, this is what we’ve seen so far this morning:

  • Katy Perry sleeping in
  • A woman in another room building an impressive set of dominos
  • Perry waking up and recounting her dream about Selena Gomez, a road trip and a sleepover. Proof celebrity dreams are just as insufferable as all of ours.
  • Her daily intention, which she read out loud: “Today I intend to bring joy, seek joy and have joy”

Whether that joy is reciprocated remains to be seen.