Arts & Entertainment | September 27, 2016 9:00 am

Watch Katy Perry Try to Vote Naked, Fail

Looks like America's great again; we can all go home

“You can look like sh*t when you vote.”

That’s the “get out the vote” message laid out by singer Katy Perry today, who appears naked (albeit pixelatedly) in a new Funny or Die video urging people to vote on November 8th.

Released just in time for National Voter Registration Day (don’t worry, you have a week or two if you haven’t registered yet) — the video finds Perry waking up late in her mansion with some serious bedhead.

After strolling to the poll in her pajamas and suggesting that there’s nothing in the Constitution that prevents you from voting based on what you slept in, the Grammy Award-winning pop star sheds off her clothes (apparently she sleeps naked; do with that what you will).

A quick arrest, a Constitutional lesson and Joel McHale cameo ensue.

The day before the video’s release, Perry had announced on Twitter that “Tomorrow, I use my body as click bait to help change the world.” If you’re wondering about her political allegiances, the “Roar” singer has been literally wearing her vote on her sleeve for the upcoming election.

While funny and informative, this new video doesn’t quite top the “Roar” singer’s surprisingly risqué dalliance with Moe from The Simpsons a few years back.

(Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)