Arts & Entertainment | June 24, 2016 9:00 am

Trump’s Brexit Tweet Is Trump Being Trump at Trump’s Finest

Scotland replies in the best way possible

Great Britain, you may have heard, has got a problem on its hands.

While Britain’s message is undoubtedly clear — that the EU is, in fact, not its cup of tea — on the same side of the pond, presumptive Republican presidential nominee and at-large blowhard Donald Trump tweeted a perplexing one:

The Donald seems utterly confused, since Scotland voted 62% to 38% to remain in the European Union. But what would a presidential nominee know about foreign affairs, amirite?

Twitter came to correct him with a quickness:

It’s the cherry atop one of the most ill-timed foreign trips a presidential nominee has ever taken in American history, which doesn’t even begin to explain the lunacy of why Trump’s even out there in the first place: a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a golf course he built that’s reported to have lost millions.

Bloody hell.