Arts & Entertainment | October 25, 2016 9:00 am

Watch Office Linebacker Terry Tate Lay the Wood on Donald Trump

No regard for human life!

As “Terrible” Terry Tate — the office linebacker Reebok introduced as a pitchman during a Super Bowl spot in 2003 — once warned us, “You can’t cut the cheese wherever you please.”

In a return to the small screen courtesy of Funny Or Die, Tate is applying that maxim next to a bus — the same one where the Republican nominee was recorded making lewd comments about groping women.

The actor who plays Tate, Lester Speight, owns the character outright, so Reebok had nothing to do with the spot and though it looks real, wethinks there are some clever editing tricks involved.

As AdWeek points out: “While the violence is sure to rub some (humorless) viewers the wrong way, it’s a brilliant bit of fictional commentary about a public figure who has been accused of grabbing or kissing nearly a dozen women without their consent — and who seems generally intent on making a mockery of reason, dignity and the American democratic process.”

Just some playful satire, then. Kind of like that grotesque nude statue of the Donald someone paid $22k for over the weekend.