Arts & Entertainment | July 18, 2016 9:00 am

Guy Who Bought for $10 Wants Six Figures

Talk about the art of the deal

You know how it didn’t seem like Donald Trump was all that sure about his new running mate?

At least one man begs to differ — and the proof is in the DNS.

While it wasn’t until last week that reports suggested Indiana Governor Mike Pence would serve as Trump’s running mate on the Republican ticket, Dallas-based investor Shannon Burchett had a hunch the real estate mogul would have problems with wooing a more traditional candidate — so he bought the domain back in April. For $10.

“I made some guesses and I guess I was right,” Burchett told The Atlantic. “Pence just struck me that he might be the kind of match that Trump would go for.”

Burchett is hoping for a six-figure return on his investment, which he likened to winning a March Madness bracket.

In further website headaches for the presumptive Republican candidate, it appears factions of the #NeverTrump movement recently snapped up (and apparently

Also not available: and (for kicks), among a few others we tried.

If Trump seriously wants to redirect a website, he might want to start by fixing this one.