Arts & Entertainment | June 28, 2016 9:00 am

This Date Is Rated NC-17

Dinner, muscle cars and naughty movies. Let’s review.

Tell someone you’ve got a hot date and they’ll probably ask, “Who?”

Not this hot date. This one’s a “Where?”

Come week’s end, you’ll be strolling through a den of muscle cars, taking in some (tasteful) skin flicks and then noshing late-night lamb burgers at a new spot called Midnights.

It’s open till 4 A.M. Yet another reason to look forward to summer Fridays.

Here’s the plan.

Step One: Dress Appropriately
Mott & Bow jeans takes the hassle out of hunting for the perfect fit for your lower half. They’re the Warby Parker of pants, offering excellent cuts, two sizing options and a premium price via their direct-to-consumer model. The new Made in Italy cut plays perfect for a summer date. Jeans are okay. You’re headed to Brooklyn, not Broadway.

Step Two: Take to the Streets
Caesar’s Bay Bazaar’s classic car takeover might be a bit of a jaunt, but we can’t think of a better way to work up an appetite on a Friday night. Beginning at dusk and ending “whenever,” vintage rides of all shapes, sizes and shines will rally up for the viewing. Regulars include ‘69 Chevelles, Pontiac GTOs, ‘58 Impalas, Ford Torinos and a smattering of Chargers, Mustangs, Dusters and custom motos.

Step Three: Turn Up the Heat
Nitehawk Naughties is exactly what it sounds like. The drink ’n’ dine cinema’s summer late-night programming is a deep dive into classic French films with, shall we say, adult themes, and it’s hosted in partnership with the fantastically prurient and always helpful novelty shop Babeland. Expect the screenings to toe the line of suitability for a date, but in the best way possible.

Step Four: Midnight Snacks
Midnights is a newly opened Williamsburg indoor/outdoor eatery with nightclub vibes and excellent music. Chef Marcellus Coleman, a Chopped winner and EMP and wd~50 alum, serves up mouthwatering and familiar fare like prawns salads, smoked steak tartare and lamb burgers. No rush if you’re not hungry out of the gates — the kitchen’s late-night menu has red curry mussels, cauliflower tacos and a kobe burger, and everything is served until the 4 A.M. close.