Arts & Entertainment | July 13, 2016 9:00 am

Here’s What Happens When a Bra Company Makes Male Employees Wear Prosthetic Boobs

E-cups, to be exact

In order to make a great product, a craftsman must first understand that product.

Practically, thoroughly and intimately.

Or at least that’s the ethos that persuaded PrimaDonna — a German bra brand that specializes in larger cup sizes — to go “tit for tat” by giving their male employees prosthetic breasts for a day.

They then documented that day, and released a video in honor of what they’re calling “International E-Cup Day for Men.” The idea came to CEO Ignace Van Doorselare after constantly being asked how he understands the struggles of his customers.  

He responded in the only way he saw fit: by giving himself an E-cup.

In-house seamstresses and designers created E-cups for all male employees. After a one-day trial hauling around an extra six pounds, Doorselare says he and his male employees now “get it” (although the less-than-approving faces of their female co-workers seem to suggest otherwise).

Don’t expect American bra-makers to take the plunge in solidarity with PrimaDonna, but with the U.S leading in breast volume, maybe they should.