Arts & Entertainment | October 4, 2016 9:00 am

Swinging From a Pair of Hot Air Balloons Looks Like Utter Madness

You're advised to watch this on an empty stomach

Since skydiving for the first time at just 14, Dominic Roithmair has done some crazy sh*t — and flying in a wingsuit over the top of a smouldering volcano in Indonesia isn’t even the worst of it.

After coming up with the idea of building the world’s longest swing, Roithmair and three other daredevils took two hot air balloons and a 400-foot-long tether about 6,000 feet up.

Then they jumped out.

After Roithmair and his colleagues took turns testing out what the Mega Swing could do, they reported being surprised by the patterns of movement they experienced during freefall as well as the lack of sound during their swings.

“If you’re in an airplane or helicopter, you always have that noise around you,” Roithmair said afterwards. “Here you only hear the burner.”

That and the sound of your heart exploding out of your chest cavity. Otherwise … silence.