Arts & Entertainment | July 23, 2014 9:00 am

Murray Me

By The Editors

Bill Murray: proto hipster. Loveable curmudgeon. Decent actor.

You could argue that he’s one of the only actors that kids from three different generations love, and equally.

So pay your respects at The Murray Affair, a one-night only gallery tribute to everybody’s favorite Meatball, tickets available now.

On offer: a huge cache of well-vetted visual art from all corners of the state and the world beyond — most of it for sale.

Also live music and the odd Ghostbuster costume.

So, Murray-themed party with art at the center.

Whole thing goes down August 8th at Public Works, and it goes without saying it’s an unofficial endeavor.

That said, Bill Murray’s like the family cat. Never know when he’ll turn up.