Arts & Entertainment | May 11, 2016 9:00 am

Don’t Try This at Home: GoT’s The Mountain Shares His Meal Plan

Hint: It’s way more than what The Rock puts down

If you want to hold your own with Conor McGregor — like Hafthór Júlíus Björnsson (aka former world-champion strongman and “The Mountain from Game of Thrones) did here — the hard work starts in the kitchen.

For Björnsson, breakfast looks like this:

Eight eggs, 200 grams of oats, blueberries, strawberries, an avocado, 400 grams of  beef, 400 grams of sweet potatoes, a handful of spinach, 400 grams of chicken, 400 grams of potatoes and some greens and fruits topped off with BCAA Hardcore from Chained Nutrition, glutamine from Star Nutrition and a handful of almonds.

Oh, and don’t forget lots of water.

The Icelandic giant shared his morning diet and routine (he consumes all of the above and also works out by about noon) because people kept asking him how he was preparing for the 2016 World’s Strongest Man contest.  

All in, the 6’9″ 400-pound strongman puts down about 13 pounds of food each day, which equates to nearly 12,000 calories. (To put that in perspective, that’s three pounds and about 7,000 more calories than The Rock cooks up for himself as part of his daily regiment.)

While Björnsson recommends that you don’t try this at home and we — reluctantly — co-sign, there’s at least one takeaway from the Mountain’s meal plan you may find useful: even though the quantity he eats isn’t recommended for most, Björnsson’s regular intake of high quality proteins is a tip many of us can take to heart.

Now you know something, Jon Snow.

Image via HBO