The Best Gameday Duds for All 30 MLB Teams

Baseball season begins tomorrow.

It’s the earliest opener ever, and the first time in 50 years that every team will commence its season on the same day.

So with a full season of opportunities to get to the ballpark ahead of you, we want to make sure your wardrobe is primed and ready to go.

From retro caps to satin windbreakers to a sweater that commemorates one team’s regrettable 10-cent beer night, here’s our list of must-have apparel for each and every MLB team.

Arizona Diamondbacks 
The only thing more “Hi, we’re an expansion team!” than naming a club the Diamondbacks was making its color scheme purple and teal. And yet … this ‘47 brand cap has us yearning for those early-aughts sets.

Atlanta Braves 
People tend to have strong opinions on three-quarter-sleeve baseball shirts. We’re quite fond of this one. If you don’t like it, go get yourself a Braves peach cobbler hat.

Baltimore Orioles 
The Orioles’ oriole has gone through some iterations over the years. Today it looks like a character left off the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse guest list, but back in 1939, it was a bit quieter and more dignified.

Boston Red Sox 
Sawx fans have a tendency to let their caps get frayed and salty. This hat from American Needle, with “Red Sox” drawn out in the shape of a pennant (of which the franchise has a meager 13, to the Yankees’ 40), should slot in nicely with the Cape summer rotation.

Chicago Cubs 
A deep blue cotton yarn blend with a heritage feel. Who’s to say this guy wasn’t there for a century of suffering? Should keep you toasty come October, too.

Chicago White Sox 
For reasons not entirely understood, the White Sox trotted out a bizarre retro set in 1976 that featured collars, an old-timey font … and shorts. They would go on to lead the league in knee scabs. This cozy sweatshirt pays tribute to that goofy year, in addition to repping the South Side.

Cincinnati Reds 
The Red Machine deserves as much red as possible. And on this collab with Starter, homegrown sports-fitter Homage is happy to oblige. Check out those World Series patches on the interior, too.

Cleveland Indians 
Here’s a fun one. Let’s move on from the giddy, piano-key-toothed minstrel that Cleveland is finally removing from their jerseys (though not until 2019) and celebrate something else destructive: the stadium’s infamous 10-cent beer night on June 4, 1974.

Colorado Rockies 
Hate to eschew the Rockies’ majestic purple-and-black scheme, especially in a league overpopulated by blue and red palettes, but this state flag batting practice cap collab is simply too nice to pass up.

Detroit Tigers 
Detroit v. everybody, baby. Local apparel outlet SMPLFD makes some killer Motor City threads, starting with this crew sweatshirt featuring the franchise’s year of establishment.

Houston Astros 
Running Game Co. is Houston-based and -bred, with soft, sporty options across all the local teams.

Kansas City Royals 
Lest we ever forget what occurred on July 24, 1983.

Los Angeles Angels
Remember when the franchise formerly known as the Los Angeles Anaheim Angels of Anaheim, Los Angeles just went by the “California” Angels? This henley tee certainly does.

Los Angeles Dodgers 
Lots of shops like to sell Dodgers apparel with a “B” on the cap, but Ebbets Field was torn down 60 years ago. Feels a bit disingenuous. This crew sweatshirt looks primed for the ballpark or the quad with its effortless marriage of fandom and comfiness.

Milwaukee Brewers
It’s a real wonder why the Brewers ever went with that squiggly, M-shaped wheat icon when its retro “m” and “b” logo might be the best in the sport.

Minnesota Twins
Minneapolis did a nice job with open-air Target Field, but what if the Twins make a deep playoff run? Layering will be essential, and this isn’t a bad place to start.

New York Mets 
Here’s a nice v-neck from Red Jacket to help out a little brother franchise in need.

New York Yankees
Look, there is not a piece of sports memorabilia on earth more iconic than this hat, so don’t try to be a hero here. Throw on New Era’s crisp navy cap and prepare for a night of bedlam in the Bronx.

Miami Marlins
So ya traded Giancarlo Stanton for a pack of gum and the playoffs this year are as likely as a Donald Trump apology. But you’ll always have memories of ‘97 and ‘03, and this Florida Marlins number will help you relive those halcyon days.

Oakland Athletics
The Athletics don’t care much for holding onto star players or winning postseason baseball games (sorry Moneyball fans, but you haven’t won a pennant since 1990) — but they do have a strange ability to make yellow look good.

Philadelphia Phillies
God help Philly and its traffic lights if it wins another major championship this decade. Here’s a beautiful striped sweatshirt (check those powder blue accents) ideal for cheering on the Phils and destroying other people’s property.

Pittsburgh Pirates
Willie Stargell called. Can’t decide if he wants his hat back.  

San Diego Padres
Wowie, now here’s a toss-back. This handsome zip-up was the same jacket worn by the Padres grounds crew at Lane Field, a Pacific Coast League ballpark The Friars left in 1957.  

San Francisco Giants
You’re burning a hole in the wallet for this one, and for good reason. Stand out in a city of standout jackets with an authentic San Francisco Seals wool button-up. The Seals once reigned over the Pacific Coast League for 50 some odd years, and served as a launching pad for a young Bay Area phenom named Joe DiMaggio.

Seattle Mariners
If a grown man must wear the name of another grown man on his back … the discussion starts here. These “Northwest green” alternate jerseys pay tribute to the guy with the game’s sweetest swing.

St. Louis Cardinals
Cardinals fans are … kind of the worst. Go to a game with ‘em, you’ll see what we mean. This cashmere hoodie, however, is the best. Here’s hoping it’s more difficult to be an a**hat in something clean, classy and comfy.

Tampa Bay Rays
ESPN staffers struggled with remembering to drop the “Devil” from the then newly named Tampa Bay Rays in the early aughts. It was a rebranding that brought both success and boredom to a once funky franchise. Bring back the fun with this cap from ‘47 brand.

Texas Rangers
Games at Globe Life Park always look positively boiling. Calls for an adjustable, white-meshed cap and a couple cold brews.

Toronto Blue Jays
As the lone international entry, The 6 deserves something a little out there. A pixelated blue jay will do the trick.

Washington Nationals
From 1901 to 1960, DC’s team was the “Senators,” a nickname somehow more boring than the Nationals … though at least both are on brand. The Senators (who eventually ended up in Minnesota) wore some clean kits, especially when they included this 1926 cap.