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The 10 Gnarliest Scenes in TV History

‘The Walking Dead’ has nothing on these gruesome moments

Last week’s The Walking Dead season premiere was so gruesome, they had to severely edit it for U.K. viewers.

Apparently, you can only bash somebody so many times with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire before people get squeamish.

But haven’t we seen worse?

Below, a very incomplete list of 10 gnarly moments on the boob tube that rival Negan’s bat vengeance. For variety, we kept it to one entry per show (otherwise, Oz would pretty much rule the list), and we opened it up to icky moments that weren’t necessarily violent.

The Sopranos (2004)
The car ride and subsequent whacking of Adriana by Sil. They both know what’s happening, but try to pretend they don’t.

The X-Files (1996)
“Home” was the first X-Files episode to receive a viewer discretion warning. Was it the blood? The incest? The beheadings?

American Horror Story (2015)
Max Greenfield gets raped by The Addiction Demon with a strap-on dildo that resembles a drill.

Breaking Bad (2009)
Jesse loved Jane. Jane loved Jesse. Jane and Jesse both loved heroin. Enter Walt, playing God. Heroin situation remedied.

Sons of Anarchy (2012)
Dawn’s death is, uh, a slow burn.

Oz (1998)
Rapist/murderer Jim Robson tries to force a late-night, uh, gift from Tobias Beecher. Here’s a tip: it ends in blood. (Note: The above scene’s not how it was shown originally, obviously.)

Family Guy (2005)
“Ipecac drinking contest” is not a thing, people.

Game of Thrones (2014)
We can’t embed this one, but go here if you really want to remember when Jaime rapes Cersei on top of their dead son’s body. Even writing that is icky.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (2009)
The gang gives Frank an intervention because he’s no longer fun to drink with. Frank says he’s living as “depraved” as possible. You could pretty much put any Philly scene with Danny DeVito here, but this one actually makes us dry heave.

Scandal (2013)
Olivia tries to attempt suicide, or at least fake like she did. Problem: She’s in a prison, and there are zero weapons around. Apparently, the scene was actually twice as long but they, uh, had to cut it down.

Main image: Gene Page/AMC