Genie Bouchard (via @geniebouchard on Instagram)
Genie Bouchard (via @geniebouchard on Instagram)

As everyone knows, the primary reason the Internet was created was so people could have a public forum in which to settle food debates.

Thus far, people have used it to argue about pressing issues such as if ketchup belongs on a hot dog and whether a hot dog is a sandwich – and society is all the better for it.

Now, courtesy of two-time SI Swimsuit model and pro tennis player Genie Bouchard, the web got a tasty new culinary conundrum to sink its teeth into: Does soy sauce belong on pizza?

Bouchard cooked up the argument by posting a tweet earlier this week:

Obviously, big soy sauce backed Bouchard’s move in a big way:

The rest of the interwebs … well, they were surprisingly cool (and weird) about it:

After all the crust was settled, Kikkoman’s CEO put his mouth where Bouchard’s tweet was and tried the controversial condiment choice for himself:

And finally got a little pushback …