Arts & Entertainment | October 27, 2016 9:00 am

Seven Dads Who Are Really, Really Excellent at This Halloween Thing

Looks like the rest of us have some work to do

Looks like a quick trip to Party City ain’t cutting it this year.

Because dads elsewhere are putting on their hard hats and churning out some pretty badass costumes for their kids. Equal parts caring and creative (and sometimes demonic), these disguises take DIY to the next level.

Your move, gents.

For about $400, Redditor chickentoe made this terrifying father/daughter ensemble. What is it? “Just spooky to be spooky.” Also fairly uncomfortable, at least for the old man.
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Disney Princess
As a fashion designer, Nephi Garcia has a leg up in costume making. His elaborate princess creations for his daughter — like a Belle costume that transforms from blue dress into ball gown — had people at Disney World asking for her autograph.
Image via: Nephi Garcia / Via

Jedi Elsa
Another take on the Disney princess look: combining it with Jedi Rey. Steven Lamb made the cosplay mashup for his five-year-old daughter — with a little help on the braid, admittedly.

Thunder Cloud
With lightning and all, this thunder cloud just might the best DIY costume ever made. But both dad and “Princess Cumulus” agree that it may need to be swapped out for a more practical one for the actual trick-or-treating.
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This dad built his eight-year-old son his own Ecto-1. Ryan Scott transformed son Jeremy’s wheelchair into the iconic car with working headlights, siren lights and two speakers — one with the classic theme song, and one with the Ecto-1 siren.
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Luke Skywalker
It only took four months, 100 glue stickers, two yards of fur and one goat mask for Clint Case to transform his son into a mini Luke Skywalker.
Image via: Instagram

Wonder Woman
Photographer Josh Rossi wanted to create a costume for three-year-old Nellee that would best represent her. The end result? This pint-sized superhero photoshoot — and a $1,500 price tag.