Arts & Entertainment | July 13, 2016 9:00 am

“F*** Those Dragons.” Watch Samuel L. Jackson Recap ‘Game of Thrones.’

All six seasons in seven minutes. Lots of swearing.

“F*ck those dragons!”

 Ask Samuel L. Jackson to do a recap of Game of Thrones and ye shall receive.

Just premiered on YouTube, “Game of Thrones Beginner’s Guide: Uncensored” features our favorite Pulp Fiction thespian summarizing six seasons of the HBO drama in his imitable style.

Does it work? Eh … as Jackson warns in the beginning, “Newbie, we only have a few minutes and a lot to cover.”

Plus, some seasons and plotlines get short shrift. “Some time has passed and all hell has broken loose because of things I don’t have time to explain,” Jackson notes halfway through, literally fast-forwarding through the battle at Hardhome and barely noting the Battle of the Bastards.

As for everyone’s favorite Mother of Dragons … Jackson seems nonplussed.  “After all this,” his voice rises at the end, “You’re still stuck on these f*cking dragons?”