Arts & Entertainment | April 24, 2014 9:00 am

Talking Pictures

By The Editors

In the age of the Netflick, it takes something special to get you to the theater.

This is that something special:

Sam Green’s The Measure of All Things, a “live documentary” about the world of world records, screening one night only in May, tickets on sale today at noon.

The doc blends classic filmmaking with live performance — narrated by Green in person while a backing band plays the score.

So the doc only exists at the moment when it’s screened.

Green: “It’s a lovely, fleeting way for something to be in the world.”

The somethings covered: the tallest man, the oldest thing, the longest time in an ice bath and more.

Rich subjects for a guy who made an in-depth (and highly watchable) paean to San Francisco’s fog.

The Measure of All Things is guaranteed to sell out given the track record of his producing partners at Pop-Up Magazine (they did the Beck songbook show and are soon to launch The California Sunday Magazine).

So act fast and congratulate yourself later.