Arts & Entertainment | July 11, 2016 9:00 am

Philly’s New Nightlight Aims to Deter Crime, Attract Instagrammers

And it’s right around the corner from Pat’s and Geno’s


You used them as a kid to keep the Boogeyman at bay.

Now a similar principle is at play in South Philly, where a nonprofit called the Knight Foundation recently commissioned muralist David Guinn and lighting designer Drew Billiau to build an installation that will help late-night passersby feel safer in transit.

Dubbed Electric Street, the Instagram-worthy display blazes bright ‘80s pastels in green, pink and blue. Instead of using actual neon lighting, the artists utilized energy-efficient LEDs to build the sculpture, which residents and visitors can admire from sundown-to-midnight.

Whether the presence of street lights actually deters crime is a topic of endless debate, but at the very least, the exhibit should raise awareness of violent crime in what has traditionally been a very rough neighborhood.

It’s also right around the corner from legendary cheesesteak dojos Pat’s and Geno’s, so now you’ve got a few reasons to visit.

Image via: Conrad Benner