The Spoils of Nat Geo’s Winter Sale Belong on Your Coffee Table
By Eli London / January 10, 2019 9:00 am

National Geographic is one of the few mainstream media entities that maintains a near universal level of cachet. The old guard respects it because it’s been around since the 1880s, and the young guard respects it because they champion badass causes like exploration and conservation. No one will ever frown at you for reading a National Geographic, which can be said about few things in today’s cultural and political climate.

For the unaware, National Geographic is now much more than a magazine. Their Instagram is a must follow, they have a cable channel, a best-in-class website and an online store — the latter of which happens to be having a robust winter sale offering up to 70% off. They have a great selection of photobooks on biology, anthropology, astronomy, etc., all of which would add a dose of intrepid worldliness to your present collection. See our five favorites below …

Nat Geo Atlas Of The World

National Geographic Atlas of the World, 10th Edition – Hard Cover
This insanely comprehensive 448-page atlas features 300+ maps, 250+ graphs/charts and an index with more than 150,000 place names.

Buy Now: $165

National Geographic Atlas Of Beer

National Geographic Atlas of Beer
This book combines over 100 maps and beautiful photography with firsthand recommendations and accounts from some of the worlds best brewers and beer experts.

Buy Now: $32

National Geographic Drives Of A Lifetime

Drives of a Lifetime
A book about drives that are both aspirational (road trip across The Outback anyone?) but also practical (it’ll tell you exactly how to do it).

Buy Now: $26

National Geographic American West Photos

National Geographic Greatest Photographs of the American West
A catalogue of some of Nat Geo’s best photography of the Wild West over the last century and change, from landscapes to cowboys and everything in between.

Buy Now: $21

National Geographic The Covers

National Geographic: The Covers
A collection of all of the iconic covers from the magazine’s 125 years of publication, along with details and statistics dealing with how these cover images have evolved over time as they respond to the sociopolitical state of the world.

Buy Now: $27


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