off the road

When you want to get away from it all, you need a plan.

Location. Supplies.

And, most importantly, the means to get there.

Good news: Off the Road is your leave-it-all-behind blueprint.

New from arthouse publisher Gestalten — you may have heard us talk about ‘em previously here or hereOTR is your definitive guide to getting off the grid, primarily from a vehicular standpoint.

Turns out there are plenty of ways to get to beautiful isolation, from converted campers to jeeps to custom short buses, station wagons and Land Rovers. To quote the book: “These multifunctional vehicles also serve as kitchens, campgrounds, and sleeping quarters that offer a great deal more improvised fun than a standard, perfectly equipped RV.”

Off the Road

Our favorites? Former aviator Gunther Holtorf and his Mercedes Benz G-Class, which has traversed twice the distance between the Earth and Moon over its last quarter century on (er, off) the road. Plus: a profile of one woman’s motorcycle journey from the bottom of Florida to the top of Alaska … in the dead of winter. (Intrepid traveler Doris Wiedemann’s secret? Heated handlebars and robust tires.)


Road also showcases the must-have equipment for each trip — cable winches, satellite phones, sand ladders, etc. — alongside the stunning photography that every Gestalten volume is known for.

The book is listed on Gestalten’s site as coming out in November, but Amazon has a pre-order available for December shipping. 

Happy trails.

Off the Road