By The Editors / November 27, 2013 9:00 am

Recent research says — and this is true, we’re not making this up — that people who stay up late and have more sex are more intelligent than those boring old in-bed-by-9-PM-ers.

We found a magazine for those people.

Introducing Odiseo, a semestral hardback magazine of “visual and intellectual stimuli,” shipping now.

Published by Folch Studio, the Barcelona group behind the high/low interior design magazine Apartamento, Odiseo prints “photographic stories with an erotic point of view” (i.e., damn sexy nudes) and commentary on global esoterica.

Think nuclear waste management, the lives of Italian women and gentrification. So it’s like Monocle, but with curves.

The third volume, a 128-page hardcover, is available now for pre-order and ships December 13th. A twice-yearly subscription is also available.

Print: still gets the blood pumping.