Arts & Entertainment | August 4, 2016 9:00 am

The Thing About Electric Skateboards Is They Can Do 40 MPH Uphill

Both ways. In the snow.

Last November, Mischo Erban set a Guinness World Record for fastest speed on an electric skateboard when he got a NEXTBoard from Next Generation Vehicles up to 59.55 MPH.

Judging by a video the Slovenian startup recently posted, his colleague Louis Pilloni is hot on his heels.

Pilloni took one of the company’s four-wheel-drive longboards — which have electric Scorpion motors set in each wheel and are controlled by a handheld remote — on a paved road outside San Diego and managed to hit a speed of 40 MPH … while going up-freaking-hill.

If that doesn’t seem overly impressive, bear in mind the battery-powered NEXTBoards are mainly meant for downhill cruises and flat surfaces — and the winding California road Pilloni countenanced is anything but.

The recipient of a four-star difficulty rating from the Porsche Club of America, Mesa Grande Road features a “combination of tight hairpins and switchbacks” and often attracts drivers, bikers and motorcyclists who want to test their luck.

We’re fine watching from here, though, please and thank you.