Arts & Entertainment | July 6, 2016 9:00 am

Nat Geo’s Photos of the Year Will Give You All the Wanderlust

And then you will probably buy all the airplane tickets

The horses are pounding forward with the force of a thousand suns, kicking up a haze of snow while a lone horseman closes in on them, a makeshift whip uncoiling itself high in the air over his head.

It’s a brilliant image, and one that won photographer Anthony Lau National Geographic’s 2016 Travel Photograph of the Year contest. Lau was on a morning hike in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China (What a name, eh?) when he got lucky: the light and snow were waning fast when this solitary herder and his brood appeared.

National Geographic awarded him a trip to the Arctic Tundra for a stay at the Churchill Wild Seal River Heritage Lodge.

You can see all the runners up — they’re all just as breathtaking as Lau’s, for our money — in this jaw-dropping slideshow on the magazine’s website.

But proceed with caution: you will almost certainly buy an airplane ticket once you reach the end. Check out a few of our favorites below.


Ronaldo Andrade

Massimiliano Bencivenni