Arts & Entertainment | January 20, 2016 9:00 am

Musical Mickey Mouse Robot Will Delight/Terrify Your Children

MICKEYPHON is a music machine for the 21st century

Musical Mickey Mouse Robot Will Delight/Terrify Your Children
Jakub Kozniewski
By The Editors

From Steamboat Willie to Fantasia to the Club that launched a thousand boy bands, Mickey Mouse is no stranger to a little song and dance.

His newest musical iteration? MICKEYPHON by Warsaw AV studio panGenerator, a “kinetic sculpture” that trades in Mickey’s signature white gloves, red shorts and yellow shoes for a rig that would have been right at home on the Discovery One in 2001: A Space Odyssey

MICKEYPHON – An AV sculpture created for Disney1:27

The device picks up the atmospheric sounds that surround it and then incorporates them into a rhythmic audiovisual output. The interactive MICKEYPHON rotates toward sources of sound — like hand claps, musical instruments or human voices — and then doubly reinterprets them as A) visual displays on its cylindrical RGB LED matrix and B) an original, improvised audio track it creates on the fly.

Your move, Deadmau5.