Mob City: Mickey's Haberdashery

So our partner Ed Burns has a new show called Mob City, and in it he plays legendary wiseguy Bugsy Siegel. To celebrate the show’s December 4th premiere, TNT’s opened up a 1940s style Haberdashery in Chelsea Market – and Ed agreed to walk us through it. Here’s Ed:

As an actor, playing a mobster is a pretty sweet gig.

You get to be larger than life. You get to whack guys and beat the shit out of people. The dialogue is so much fun. And the clothes aren’t half bad either.

They did such a great job making this shop feel like you’re in that world. The whole thing’s modeled after Mickey Cohen’s actual clothing store he used as a mob front on the Sunset Strip.

These mob guys back then? Violent and ruthless, but still buttoned-up. Everything in its place. The shop’s got great suiting by the guys at Against Nature over on Chrystie with a tailor doing bespoke fittings right there on the spot.

Plus the ties, the pocket squares – all the little details. And the fedoras, of course – lotta these guys wouldn’t be caught dead without a hat on. Then again, lotta these guys got caught dead with a hat on.

My favorite’s the barber and shoe shine though – Bugsy was a well-groomed guy. And they’re doing 1940s pricing: 35 cents for a hot shave and 10 cents a shoe shine.

Like I said, sweet gig.

Ed Burns

Mob City premieres on Dec. 4th at 9/8C on TNT and Mickey’s Haberdashery opens Monday. Get more details and a sneak peek of the action here.