Arts & Entertainment | May 31, 2016 9:00 am

The Apple Store of Cannabis Just Opened

MedMen is a grown-up club for the grown-up enthusiast

You’re familiar with the Apple Store? Hospital lit and sparsely adorned with elegant tech and be-polo’d “Geniuses”?

Take that, but replace all the inventory with high-quality buds and the polos with fellow enthusiasts who are super knowledgeable about all things cannabinoid.

That’s MedMen, a local seed-to-pipe-outfit that just reopened in West Hollywood with concrete floors and gorgeous wooden display tables outfitted with iPad ordering systems.

Inside, five big tables are categorized: pre-rolls, oils and waxes, edibles and two tables for flowers.

The sample jars are pretty ingenious, with built-in magnifying glasses and smellings slats so you can scope things out proper. Jars with blue bases are indicas, and jars with red bases are sativas. Hybrids are burgundy and navy and indicate the dominant strain.   

Unlike those buzzer-at-the-door, cash-only dispensaries, MedMen is open to the public, so no card is needed to window shop.

Cannabis is likely to make the leap to recreational legality this November, but with a place this nice, you may want to develop some back pain in the meantime.