Arts & Entertainment | April 11, 2017 9:00 am

Here Are Some Photos of Abandoned Cars in Their Natural Habitat

These pictures are worth 1,000 words — and 100,000 miles

Often times landscape photographers will take pains to remove all signs of human life from a scene before they take a snap.

Not so with the latest limited-edition release from award-winning documentary photographer Martin Parr, whose new book, Abandoned Morris Minors of the West of Irelandfocuses on the niche of dilapidated old rides he’s stumbled upon traversing the land.

Matin Parr (7 images)

Curated by editor Craig Atkinson, the tome includes never-before-seen selects from Parr’s archives. Adept at capturing the essence of humankind, each of Parr’s photos is both bleak and beautiful. Some are even on the brink of becoming one with nature altogether. Taken together they offer a nostalgic charm as much as the impetus to ask “Who did this to you?” Because as they say, one man’s trash, is another man’s photography subject.