Arts & Entertainment | July 19, 2016 9:00 am

‘Lone Survivor’ Marcus Luttrell’s Speech Won the RNC Yesterday

Take notes, Melania. Actually, don't.

While everyone is buzzing about a speech at the RNC that may have stuck too closely to a script (that wasn’t its own), another, more off-the-cuff address, should be getting more attention.

Following speeches by Willie Roberston from Duck Dynasty and Scott Baio from the ‘80s, retired Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell took the stage at the GOP convention to speak to the crowd.

The Lone Survivor author and Navy Cross and Purple Heart recipient got choked up during his nearly seven-minute address and appeared to stop using the teleprompter so he could speak to the crowd straight from the heart.   

Luttrell — who selflessly put himself in grave danger by setting three goat herders free and exposing his position during a 2005 mission in Afghanistan while fighting the Taliban — said “we need our leaders to lead by example” on Monday night.

“(Our leaders) need to show the American public that each every life under the flag is family,” he continued. “We are family, we step up and back them up, and hold them accountable for every position and office that they hold. The only way we survive this is together, not apart. In order for any life to matter, we all have to matter.”

That’s a notion parties on both sides of the aisle should be able to agree on.

Luttrell 2020?