One Day in James Bond’s Shoes, Up for Sale
By The Editors / November 4, 2015 9:00 am

“The name is Bond. James Bond.”

Only seven men have ever had the privilege of saying that with a straight face.

For at least one day, you can become the eighth. To celebrate the release of SPECTRE, private jet app JetSmarter (think Uber for private jets) is pulling out all the stops on a trés deluxe travel package for 007 aficionados across the globe.

Via your phone — this is super spy stuff, after all — a JetSmarter concierge will set you up with the following:

• An ultrafine luxury car to gather you at a nearby airport
• An option for Bond-esque models to welcome you upon landing (“Option.” Heh.)
• An endless supply of complimentary martinis —  shaken, of course — in-flight
• James Bond gear on-board. Rolex Submariner anyone?
• Accommodations at a top-notch hotel this weekend for the premiere of SPECTRE in the city of your choosing

And let us not forget the pinnacle treat of this deal: chartering your own private jet.

If you happen to find yourself in the New York area, JetSmarter will amplify the package even further: Private helicopter to the airport; Bond girls on each arm; Aston Martin to your desired destination.

Download the app to get your credentials. And don’t forget your lines:

Elektra King: “I could have given you the world.”

Bond: “The world is not enough.”

Elektra King: “Foolish sentiment.”

Bond: “Family motto.”