Arts & Entertainment | July 21, 2016 9:00 am

Don’t Like Trump? This Small Irish Island Will Happily Take You In.

It’s called Inishturk. And they don't like him, either.

“I personally would love it if hordes of Americans came here — maybe they would build a skyscraper!”

That’s just one Irish voice of many (read: a half-dozen) encouraging Americans to resettle in the Old Country: upon the Irish island of Inishturk, (current) population 58.

This is not an equal opportunity offer: only Americans fleeing Donald Trump (described in this video, produced by MEL Films, as a “racist” and “misogynist”) are welcome on Inishturk, which now struggles to sustain its number of inhabitants — a problem that could be solved with the relocation of American progressives.

Elsewhere in the video, we see another of Trump’s wall-building efforts (this one will only destroy the ecosystem of the dunes that surround one of his golf courses in Ireland) and hear anti-Trump testimony from an Irish citizen who says she was born in Mexico but suggests she is, nonetheless, neither a “rapist” nor “criminal.”