Arts & Entertainment | September 20, 2016 9:00 am

California Man Won’t Stop Jumping Off Balconies Into Hotel Pools

"A lot of people think it's stupid." Yep. We do.

By The Editors

If at first you do succeed, try, try again?

After surviving a recent jump off a hotel balcony into a pool, a California daredevil decided to go back for round two. His landing was close — painstakingly so — but he made it … and recorded the whole thing with a GoPro (see above).

In the video, the jumper (who goes by 8booth on YouTube and Instagram) appears to break into a hotel in Laguna Beach and then climb four or five stories of stairs before plunging off the balcony into the pool.

It’s a near shot-for-shot remake of a similar stunt he pulled two weeks prior:

Following an unrelated jump in nearby Crystal Cove State Park, 8booth explained what makes him tick: “I love pushing it. I love filming,” he told CBS Los Angeles. “A lot of people think it’s stupid. But you know what, I think it’s stupid to sit in a cubicle all day.”

Unlike hotel swimming pools, that’s pretty deep, bro.