Arts & Entertainment | February 22, 2017 9:00 am

Audition-Day Polaroids Prove That Famous People Also Go Through Awkward Stages

Except Billy Bob Thornton. #RespectTheMullet

Elijah Wood? Adorable. Ben Stiller? Strangely tough. Billy Bob Thornton? Exactly what you’d expect, right down to the mullet.

This Is Not Porn just published a treasure trove of Polaroids showing us what Hollywood’s biggest stars looked like in the days of their first auditions. Snapped by the late casting director Mali Finn, the photos reveal an intimate, candid and distinctly relatable side to some of today’s stars.

If you want to kill 20 minutes of your day, the TINP site is a treasure trove of rare and unusual celeb pics — often featuring behind-the-scenes looks and extremely candid shots (what ya’ doing there, Arnie?).

It’s also where you’ll never be able to unsee things like this.